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more usual..

today is a boring Sunday 😛 (as usual, any holiday spent at home is boring day) watched harry potter 3-5 today.. (watched the 1 & 2 movies earlier in the week) unfortunately the fifth movie was not in a very good quality (what do u expect from pirated dvd rite?)

yeah the harry potter in me has awaken… actually, earlier in the semester i have downloaded those harry potter’s novels (believe me, i’ve downladed all the seven books !) but didn’t have the tyme to read all those… i’m still on the first book!!

oh yeah speaking about Harry Potter, i have put the link to MuggleNet (the website that u have to noe if u are a fan of Harry Potter) in the link xchange page.. All the things u want to know about Harry Potter are there.. so check it out 😛 (check out all the merchandise and recipes,, it’s wicked)

yesterday i watched a good telemovie… i never know that Malay telemove can be this good. the title is “Intan Sayang Manja”. the story is about 2 brothers and an adopted sis.. the two brothers were disliking each other and the dislikngs become worse when the second brother, ANGAH@HAMBALI (Shaheizy Sam) steal away ALONG@MUAZ’s (Rusdi Ramli) fiancee, ARISSA. the event leads to the death of their father. Actually, the mother was very fond of Angah therefore make the things worse. ANGAH marries ARISSA as she is pregnant with his child and moved away from the house. ALONG fled to Budapest for 7 years to cure the wound of his heart. in that period time, ALONG and KINAH (Jue Aziz), the adopted sis always emailing each other. after 7 years, KINAH got a mail from ALONG stated taht he wanna come home. KINAH is very excited. ANGAH, in the other hand, was very anxious to meet his brother. Actually, ARISSA and their kids were killed in an accident a year before that.

but, ALONG has already forgave ANGAH.. but there’s another crisis happens… both of them fell in love with their sister, KINAH!!!  they fought with each other again until the mother told them that KINAH cannot be married to them cause she has been breast-feed by the mother. in the end, KINAH marries IMRAN, a colleague.

the story is simple actually but the way the story presented is unique and beautiful 😛 the cinematography is very good and makes the story even better.. furthermore, a chance to see Jue Aziz in hijab is something rare, isn’t it.. she is very beautiful in hijab, aitelyu….

yeah, the credits goes to SHARULEZAD (the guy who brought u Emel Emelda, Sutun and Merah Puteh).. he’s great.. i love all his telemovies and series.

pen-off now… gotta go 😛