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wow…. look at this new home… nice isn’t it? yeah i know the colour is quite gloomy… but i do find the design is nice… quite a good change from the usual color that i usually use (pinks, reds)

yeah the semester break has stared (actually it has started last week) and i’ve been at home for 3 days.. no big changes at home… except for shaggy’s MIA.. dun see him since the day i got home..

ermmm piles of clothes waiting to be washed and folded… mum asked me to wash all the stuff that i brought home from the college… gagagga guess she do not trust the washing machines in the college 😆

currently i am assigned to build 2 blogs.. one for Mahallah and the other for kak g’s business… ermm.. guess i will be in front of my lovely compaq for hours 😛 hahahhaha nice excuse for chatting and facebooking.. wakakakka..

okay… have to pen-off s’thing to do 😛


…my second post on wp…

hye alz… the blog is still under construction.. so could not put anything significant in the blog.. actually i’m still thinking whether to maintain 2 blogs : blogspot + wordpress.. or should i move the blogspot here in wordpress….

but i’m still exploring the wordpress.. ermm maybe i should maintain two blogs.. hahahha.. as the semester break is near so maybe i got a lot of free tyme!!

the trading blog (jual kanan jual kiri) is also under construction.. derrr i dunno when i can launch my project…