.. i just need some time…

derrrr… my 4th post on wordpress… yet i’m still figuring it out how to make my wordpress blog wonderful… people asked me… why i suddenly change to wordpress?hahahhha… it is because i just wanna explore new things…

doing some bloghopping during the weekend and stumbled to some fantastic blogs… yes, but most of them are foodie’s blogs… FYI… I;m very fond of food!! i like to eat and cook.. so visiting those blogs make me happy!! (not to mention make me DROOL sometimes). some times i think about establishing a foodie blog myself.. whaddya think??  FYI..in my old blog ( http://sweetvanillacaramel.blogspot.com) i have posted entries on my recipes and stuff that i cooked at home… maybe i have the potential to be a foodie??

i’m still exploring the wordpress.. and i think the system is quite kewl… but also sometimes i think it is complicated… but i’m still learning… hope that one day i will be familiar with the system and can add a lot of kewl widgets to my blog 😛

i’m still having problem with the header.. i wanna change the photo for the custom header.. but when i put the photo that i want, the header just gone with the wind.. whoosshhh… now what the heck is that?

there’s tonnes of work to do…. yet i’m still here updating my blog?  could it be that my blog fetish has infected me once again?? derrr… i hope not 😛 cuz there’s a lot of things that i have to finished before the sem break… especially preparing for my exam!!

derr…. enough of my bluffing!!


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  1. KNizam Said:

    cubaan posting di sini. hehe 🙂

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